Mango Bob’s home away from home

In the first book in the Mango Bob
series, we find out how and why the main character ends up living in a motorhome – aka the ‘Love Bus’.

The ‘Love Bus’ isn’t really a bus.  It’s a smaller, easier-to-drive Class B+ motorhome, with plenty of room for Mango Bob and company.

As described in ‘Mango Bob‘, the inside of the ‘Love Bus’ is not a bad place to live.  It has a full kitchen, a bedroom in the back, a private bath, and a large semi-circular dinette table up front (which also converts to a bed).

Interior shot of the Love Bus

Living in a motor home gives the main character the freedom to travel, the freedom to go places others only dream of, and to live well with very low overhead.

When you read ‘Mango Bob‘, you’ll discover why the ‘Love Bus’ plays a big part in the adventures found in all the ‘Mango Bob’ books.  

Floor Plan



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