Mango Bob’s home away from home

In the first book in the Mango Bob
series, we find out how and why the main character ends up living in a motorhome – aka the ‘Love Bus’.

The ‘Love Bus’ isn’t really a bus.  It’s a smaller, easier-to-drive Class B+ motorhome, with plenty of room for Mango Bob and company.

As described in ‘Mango Bob‘, the inside of the ‘Love Bus’ is not a bad place to live.  It has a full kitchen, a bedroom in the back, a private bath, and a large semi-circular dinette table up front (which also converts to a bed).

Interior shot of the Love Bus

Living in a motor home gives the main character the freedom to travel, the freedom to go places others only dream of, and to live well with very low overhead.

When you read ‘Mango Bob‘, you’ll discover why the ‘Love Bus’ plays a big part in the adventures found in all the ‘Mango Bob’ books.  

Floor Plan



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Books in the Mango Bob Series

The adventures of Mango Bob . . .

Mango Bob – The first book in the series
Mango Lucky – #2
Mango Bay – #3
Mango Glades – # 4
Mango Key – #5
Mango Blues – #6

All are available in Kindle and print formats at Amazon.


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Mango Bob checking the reviews

Mango Bob checks the paper every morning to see if there is any mention of his nightly exploits and adventures.   He also looks for ideas to include in the books he is working on.


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Mango Bob hard at work on latest novel

bobkeyboardMango Bob spends quite a bit of time around the computer keyboard making sure his staff stays on schedule.

Sometimes though, Bob and his staff get a little distracted as they pursue their adventures on the road.

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Mango Bob and his little sister

Mango Bob has a little sister, and like most siblings they sometimes have arguments.  Fortunately, they both are careful when they play, and usually end the day snuggled together purring.


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Mango Bob and Bob the cat

One of the main characters in ‘Mango Bob‘ is ‘Bob the cat’.

Bob is a special breed of cat – an American Bob tail.  Known for their short tails, high rump, and adventurous spirit.

They have a great ability to climb, can be quite vocal, and aren’t afraid of anything.

Bob started out small, as shown in the photo below.  Even at his early age, you can see he was ‘king’ of his domain.

From this small kitten, Mango Bob has grown into a very large cat weighing almost twenty pounds.  He is very talkative, and will let you know when he wants something, or when things aren’t going his way.

Bob is truly a ‘road warrior’, having traveled more than ten thousand miles criss crossing the country in a motor home.  He’s a good companion on the road, and a good watch-cat at night.  Learn more about Bob and the troubles he causes in the Florida adventure / mystery, ‘Mango Bob‘, available on the Amazon Kindle.

Mango Bob in his earlier days - born without a tail


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Mango Bob and the alligator

Mango Bob isn’t afraid of anything, but he’s learned to be wary of alligators.

While visiting a friend in Florida, Mango Bob spied an alligator in a nearby pond.  The alligator kept following Bob as he walked the grounds, and Bob eventually decided the gator would be something he should stay away from.

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